Andre beta av Domino R5 klar for nedlasting

Lotus har gjort den andre betautgaven av Notes/Domino R5 klar for nedlasting over Internett. Betautgaven av gruppevareverktøyet finnes til åtte forskjellige operativsystemer

Lotus har gjort den andre betautgaven av Notes/Domino R5 klar for nedlasting over Internett. Betautgaven av gruppevareverktøyet finnes til åtte forskjellige operativsystemer

Beta 2 av Notes R5 er nå tilgjengelig for nedlasting for Windows 9x/NT, Sun Solaris for SPARC og Intel, OS/2, Macintosh PPC, HP-UX, Windows NT for Alpha og IBM AIX. Til endel av operativsystemene er også den andre betautgaven av versjon fem av Domino-serveren tilgjengelig.

Peker til Lotus' nedlastingsside finner du i spalten til høyre.

Nedenfor finner du en oversikt over alle nyhetene i Lotus Notes/Domino R5 Beta 2:


  • object level 'has code' highlighting: the top level object is highlighted if any event beneath it has code.
  • Frame targets for Action bar buttons, action hot spots, Forms, (web) pages And views. The last three can be formulas.
  • ALink, VLink and Link colors for forms, (web) pages and views.
  • Field infobox redesign
  • Action bar Applet/HTML: action bars can be served either way to the web.
  • Preview in Notes implemented from the design lists
  • Preview in Notes launches into the client (this may be controversial!) improved, "final" appearance of infobox controls
  • bitmaps on infobox tabs
  • a few more infobox relayouts
  • improved designer UI
  • web preview submenus
  • Infoboxes - relayout (4 in particular)
  • Action bar applet

Server - All platforms

  • MIME - see release notes
  • SMIME Signatures - see release notes
  • DECS - see release notes
  • Directory Features
  • Extensible Schema
  • Schema publishing
  • Schema checking
  • Binary Attributes can be added when extending the Schema
  • MS Mail to Notes migration - see release notes
  • Organizer to Notes migration - see release notes
  • Admin process - moving a person's mail file. - see release notes

The following were testable in Beta 1 and are now feature complete in Beta 2

  • Namelist creation for external authorization
  • Pull Router
  • Alternate Name Support
  • Topology Maps
  • ID file recovery (under Client)

The following things are currently listed as "Testable" and should remain so:

  • Notes RPC, POP3, and IMAP Native MIME integration
  • Router MIME conversion
  • Exchange to Notes migration (it's actually broken in Beta 2)


  • Start up scenario straightened out
  • Home page issues resolved and working
  • Ability to specify different start up pages - Headlines/Mail/Workspace
  • Headlines working
  • Beta 2 page as default web page in right hand pane of headlines
  • Bookmarks
  • Top level favorites on bar
  • Right mouse menu complete
  • Drag/drop between tabs
  • Drag/drop to reorder within tabs
  • Create/rename folders
  • Set name and image for bookmark pages
  • Rename bookmarks
  • Workspace bookmark
  • Domain Search
  • Scheduled indexing of complete Notes Domain
  • Indexing of mounted file system
  • Search query from Notes/Web (with preliminary design)
  • Secure result sets (filtered from ACL/readers list)
  • Pagable results
  • Domain Catalog
  • Spidering of V5/V4 servers/databases not running catalog
  • Client support for manual content catalog
  • Metadata infobox panel with Domain Catalog lookup and posting
  • Mail template
  • New look action bars
  • Web enabled (not complete)
  • Mac platform will be there!
  • Bunch o' paint problems
  • Smarticons - desaturated doesn't work on Mac
  • Running out of memory
  • General stability
  • Printing
  • Print views
  • Print preview
  • Print mail memos
  • Protocol Support
  • You can now create a local replica of the newsgroups to which you have subscribed on an NNTP server. You can browse the newsgroups while you are disconnected and even post new NNTP messages. When you reconnect you can replicate the posted messages back to the server.
  • The POP3, IMAP, LDAP and NNTP client features all support SSL versions 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Several performance and usability improvements to the IMAP and NNTP client features.
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