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Apple pressemelding om selskapets nye MPEG-utvidelse for QuickTime som lar Power Mac-brukere kjøre fullskjerm video uten ekstra maskinvare.

Apple pressemelding om selskapets nye MPEG-utvidelse for QuickTime som lar Power Mac-brukere kjøre fullskjerm video uten ekstra maskinvare.

Apple Introduces High-Quality

MPEG Software for QuickTime

New QuickTime Extension Allows Playback of Popular

MPEG-1 and VideoCD on PowerPC Mac OS Systems

Quotes and Third-Party Support:

Cupertino, Calif.--Jan. 24, 1997--Apple Computer, Inc. today

announced immediate availability of its' QuickTime MPEG

(Moving Picture Experts Group) extension, enabling

full-screen, software-only playback of MPEG-1 and VideoCD

audio/video files on PowerPC Mac OS computers. MPEG is a

worldwide industry standard for compressing synchronized

audio and video for post-production and entertainment. The

MPEG extension is available immediately for use with

QuickTime 2.5 and may be downloaded from the QuickTime

website at:

Through the MPEG extension, VHS-quality, full-screen video,

and CD-quality audio are now available as a synchronized data

type in the QuickTime architecture. Apple has long recognized

MPEG as an important industry standard and has supported

hardware MPEG-1 playback on Macintosh since 1994. With

the announcement of this QuickTime Media Layer (QTML)

software extension, Power Macintosh users no longer need

special hardware to view a variety of MPEG files and formats.

The MPEG extension will also work seamlessly with the

QuickTime plug-in for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft

Internet Explorer, enabling real-time, live MPEG playback

inside these browsers. QuickTime's 'fast start' feature enables

MPEG content to be viewed as it downloads, eliminating the

delay associated with large multimedia files across

low-bandwidth connections.

"The availability of high-quality software MPEG reiterates

Apple's commitment to extending the QuickTime Media Layer

(QTML) as the premier multimedia platform," said Ralph

Rogers, program manager for QuickTime Technologies at

Apple Computer, Inc. "The integration of MPEG into

QuickTime 2.5 will further extend Apple's lead in providing the

highest-quality and most robust architecture for multimedia

development across platforms and operating systems."

The extension is compatible with a wide range of

Internet-based MPEG, including Variable Bit Rate (VBR),

MPEG, audio only or video only streams, and can read

specialized MPEG encoded streams, broadening the ability for

publishers to deliver interactive titles for Macintosh and

Intel-based audiences.

The QuickTime MPEG software extension enables high quality

software video decoding on personal computers. QuickTime

provides a number of new capabilities for MPEG compressed

media, a characteristic of codes and media types playing under

the QuickTime platform. Specifically, the extension enables a

number of unique features, including the capability to:

Play MPEG encoded movies from VideoCD and CDi

disks, enabling hundreds of thousands of popular titles in

the European and Asia Pacific marketplace to play on

Power Macintosh systems.

Support CD-quality decode of audio stream (i.e.,

16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo playback).

Move forward and backward in a frame accurate

manner, essential to interactive multimedia titles.

Add other types of media to an MPEG file directly from

the clipboard.

Support standard QuickTime transport controls such as:

play, pause, sound volume control, sound panning and

balance, frame-accurate step-forward and backward,

fast-forward, and rewind.

Support MPEG chapter information. (Display & select

and go to particular location in the stream.)

Support movie layering, compositing, and graphics

mode controls.

Gain the ability of MPEG to use bookmarks and be

referenced by additional applications.

Readily add new tracks to previously compressed

MPEG material--used in embedding MIDI and audio

files or text into the stream.

Edited play of MPEG audio and video.

Support high-performance display of MPEG video in all

monitor display depths. Support hardware acceleration

of clipping, scaling, and color-space conversion.

Play long movies with video and audio tracks staying in


Support the ability to transcode MPEG video to other

QuickTime supported video compressors such as

Cinepak, and low bit rate codes as ClearVideo from


Fully resizable window.

Through the capabilities of QuickTime track synchronization,

MPEG files can also be fully integrated with other QuickTime

media types, including:




3D files

All applications updated to be compliant with QuickTime for

Macintosh 2.5 can immediately take advantage of these new

features. Users should check with their tool vendor for

compliance. Apple is providing a new version of MoviePlayer,

version 2.5.1 to allow immediate use of these features. Apple is

committed to giving Windows customers an equally compelling

MPEG experience in 1997.

The MPEG extension can upgrade systems currently installed

with QuickTime for Macintosh 2.5 due to the extensibility of

QTML and the open plug-in architecture of QuickTime.

Quotes and Third-Party Support:

According to The Envisioneering Group (Seaford, NY) over

74 percent of all multimedia titles are authored on the

Macintosh using QuickTime. "Sony was first to produce a

Sony Enhanced MPEG Playback for their premium Pentium

processor PCs. Now Apple has gone Sony one better with the

industry's highest quality software MPEG decoder," said

Richard Doherty, director of the Envisioneering Group.

To coincide with the release of Apple's QuickTime Soft

MPEG, Astarte USA has announced the release of ASTARTE

MPEG EXPORTER, a Macintosh QuickTime extension which

allows users to easily convert any QuickTime movie to MPEG

format. The Exporter is available FREE from Astarte's website

at: This will allow Power

Macintosh users to immediately begin working with MPEG

material without the additional burden of a hardware purchase.

"Having recently introduced the CLM4111 single-chip,

real-time MPEG-1 consumer/PC encoder for home computer

and Internet users, C-Cube sees Apple's incorporation of

MPEG software into QuickTime as a huge motivator for

application developers to embed MPEG support into their

software applications," said Clint Chao, manager of PC

Marketing for C-Cube Microsystems. "Now, our customers

can create high quality videos that can be viewed by millions of

Mac, PC, and Internet users."

"ATI is very excited about Apple's implementation of soft

MPEG support in QuickTime," said Henry Quan, vice

president Marketing, ATI Technologies Inc. "The powerful

scaling capability of ATI's Xclaim VR and Xclaim 3D will now

be extended to provide incredible full screen, full motion soft

MPEG playback on any PCI capable Macintosh."

"Number Nine has anxiously awaited the release of QuickTime

2.5, which supports software playback of MPEG video clips.

No longer is a dedicated hardware MPEG decoder required to

playback and view MPEG video clips. With the release of our

soon-to-be announced high-end graphics accelerator which

will incorporate our second generation, Imagine 128 S2

graphics processor, MPEG movies and video clips can be

played back in full-screen modes--at any resolution up to and

including 1600 x 1200 in millions of colors. The Imagine 128

S2 processor incorporates the world's only 256-bit video

engine and a dedicated front-end Color Space Converter. By

providing the QuickTime extension a direct hook into our video

engine, video clips can be smoothly scaled to full screen, even

on the largest of

monitors, without the blockiness normally associated with

scaled video and without dropping video frames. No special

MPEG hardware is required. We know of no other graphics

accelerator that has this capability," said Phil Parker, director

of Corporate Communications for Number Nine Visual


"Highway One's major artists have delayed releases of exciting

new titles until our computer products would appear the way

they do on standard consumer electronic devices. Now,

groups like Bush, No Doubt and several other Capitol Records

recording artists have given us the green light to go forward on

development of numerous MPEG and DVD titles," said Leo

Rossi, vice president, Highway One Media Entertainment.

"This software release shortens our development process and

production time to the point that we can develop an MPEG

title one time, instead of once for each platform we target." said


"As the developer of over two dozen titles in ten languages,

Sumeria views both QuickTime and the Macintosh as vital to

our publishing process," said Jerry Borell, president and

founder of Sumeria, Inc. "The addition of MPEG as a

QuickTime media type makes our move into DVD-ROM both

viable and efficient."

Jeanette DePatie, Marketing director for HEURIS/Pulitzer

noted: "We're very excited about the release of this product.

Until now multimedia developers typically created their

applications on a Mac and then transferred them to a PC for

playback. The QuickTime MPEG extension is the final piece

that allows developers to edit, compress, author and play back

easily and inexpensively entirely on the Macintosh platform.

With this QuickTime MPEG plug-in, and powerful new MPEG

encoding products from HEURIS/Pulitzer like MPEG Power

Professional, users will be able to integrate MPEG easily and

inexpensively with their applications. "

Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized innovator in the

information industry and leader in multimedia technologies,

creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use personal

computers, servers, peripherals, software, personal digital

assistants and Internet content. Headquartered in Cupertino,

California, Apple develops, manufactures, licenses and markets

solutions, products, technologies and services for business,

education, consumer, entertainment, scientific and engineering

and government customers in more than 140 countries.

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