Nera wins contract for Esprit Telecom's Pan-European Network

Nera har vunnet en stor kontrakt med Esprit. Vi gjengir pressemeldingen.

14. aug. 1996 - 00:00

Nera Ltd. (UK) has won a multi-million dollar contract with Esprit Telecom as the preferred supplier of SDH radio equipment for Esprit's pan-European telecommunications network.

Nera began initial work on Esprit Telecom's Thames Valley infrastructure project in the UK earlier this year. The SDH radio equipment that is being installed has a transmission rate of 155 Mbs. Extending the network infrastructure with SDH radio equipment enables Esprit Telecom to rapidly roll-out high quality cost-effective service to their customers.

Nera plans to install the second phase of Esprit Telecom's pan-European network in the Netherlands at the end of this year. Esprit Telecom's network expansion project also includes France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain. The investment for Esprit Telecom's pan-European infrastructure project is expected to exceed GBP 50 million over the next several years.

Esprit Telecom are the first international alternative carrier to build their own European network. This major undertaking is quite significant because Esprit Telecom is determined to extend the network throughout Europe.


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