Sonys musikknettsteder ble vandalisert

En gruppe som kaller seg FBH brøt seg i seg onsdag kveld inn på to av Sony Musics nettsteder og gjorde store endringer på forsidene.

Harald BrombachHarald BrombachNyhetsleder
28. nov. 2002 - 11:10

Det er en observant digi.no-leser som tipset om dette. Nettstedet Sony Classical fikk innholdet byttet ut med innholdet på bildet nedenfor.

Defacing av Sony Classical. Gjort av FBH. <i>Skjermbilde:  Digi.no-leser</i>
Defacing av Sony Classical. Gjort av FBH. Skjermbilde:  Digi.no-leser

Vår leser fikk dessverre ikke tatt noen skjermdump av forsiden til nettstedet til Sony Music, før den ble fjernet helt, men siden inneholdt følgende tekst:

"you have been defaced by FBH , federal bureau of hackers hello there people , we are FBH , and we have defaced this site.dont worry no data was harmed, we did it becos , 1st - we hate sum artists on here , ughh JLO is a fuckin whore, shes a pig that dont fly straight , destinys child are shit .. beyonce and lame jayz-z copy 2pac songs ..biters! , shakira has a fat ass..but not all the artists are shit here...no.. NAS is a tite ass rapper ,he is great, i have all the albums , favorourite songs is , poison , ether, lifes a bitch, the message...hehehe...NAS is a cool nigga....but we really deface this site becos we want freedom in our nations of kashmir and palestine. we dont want George Bush to bomb iraq for oil and pretend that its for terror. He should be doing his best to catch binladen . he dont care if binladen is alive or not. HE WANTS OIL WE WANT THE ISRAEL GOV TO FUCK OFF BACK TO THE ROCK IT CRAWLED OUT OF, AND THE INDIAN GOV TO STOP TRYING TO SUCK AMERICAS DICK AND STOP BLAMING PAKISTAN FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS. i mean if a dog by mistake fucks a cat, vajpayee will say to the UN musaharaf sent this pakistani dog to fuck our indian cat! terror! kill!..lol.. he wont mention the attrocities his army carry out on kashmiri people, rape murder , torcher, imprisonment. he wont mention the massacre which occured in gujrat where 2000 people were burnt alive , just for being muslim. VAJPAYEE U R AN ASSBANDIT.. U must be blind if u are unaware of the killing of palestinians . the slaughter if these people by settlers commiting acts of extreme brutality in the name of theyre religion..judaism is not like this. iraq has no weapons, hell it has no schools and soon enuff if evil bush gets his way , there will be no children for any school. kashmir is burning palestine is suffering iraq is innocent help these nations , use ur voice, fuck imperialism , zionism. FBH are Abunasar bobbyd1gital numan mr-basit... email us fbhowns@yahoo.com greets to ... w.a.r , darkcode, usg , wfd , aic , gforce , satanic souls , breakice , thebugz , timeout , DKD and NAS ESCOBAR hehe btw robert-rocky is a tite ass rapper , sign him up"

Sonys musikksider var på plass igjen da digi.no sjekket dem torsdag morgen.

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