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Vedlagt følget Apple og George Scalises svarbrev til redaktør Robert Faletras kommentar i Comouter Reseller News.

Jens Kanden
24. jan. 1997 - 16:00

January 23, 1997

Letter to the Editor: Apple recounts its strengths in response to editorials in the Computer Reseller News

To the Editor:

Your "For the Record" critique of Apple's Macworld presentations criticizes form over substance. By focusing on Gil Amelio's style, Robert Faletra gives no meaningful analysis of the content of the keynote or Ellen Hancock's subsequent in-depth briefing and Q and A on our future OS strategy.

The real news from Macworld was the fact that Apple has a credible, deliverable and compelling operating system strategy. Apple said that we'd lay out our operating system strategy roadmap, and that's exactly what we did. We said exactly where we're heading and our timetable for getting there. Please allow me the opportunity to summarize what your editor failed to report:

•OS Development

While combining the best of NeXT technology and Macintosh into the new operating system, code-named Rhapsody, Apple will continue to enhance and release new versions of the MacOS.

•Smooth Migration Path Offers Compatibility

We clearly advised developers to continue their MacOS development efforts, since that platform will continue to be enhanced and supported. Developers can then assess the Rhapsody system in the next twelve months with the initial developer-oriented release, and choose when they want to take advantage of its advanced features by offering new products whenever they are ready. We expect them to enthusiastically develop for the new operating system not only because of its advanced capabilities, but also because it will have the Macintosh look and feel and support MacOS-based applications with comparable or better performance.

•A Breakthrough OS and Development Environment

Rhapsody will provide an advanced memory-protected, multitasking, multiprocessor operating system based on open standards. It will enthusiastically embrace Java and place Apple on a level playing field with the rest of the industry. It will leverage and enhance the NeXT development environment, giving application and content developers the same advanced tools that were used to construct the World Wide Web. In short, an OS that beats NT.

Mr. Faletra is irresponsible to advise resellers to seek another platform. In doing so, he spits in the face (vår uthevelse) of the thousands of Mac lovers who attended Macworld (attendance grew, by the way) and the millions of Macintosh faithful who buy billions of dollars of product from the reseller channel. These users and buyers chose Apple because they looked at the alternative and wanted something better. We are confident your reseller readers will listen more to them.


George Scalise

Chief Administrative Officer

Apple Computer

Cupertino, CA

David Harrah

Corporate Public Relations

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